hi, i recently adopted a 2 year old chihuahua and he just refuses to sit. Every time I try to do make the treat go towards him and behind his head, he will jump up instead of sitting down. We’ve all seen dogs that can do seemingly amazing tricks, like praying or playing dead, but the foundation of … Chihuahua Pictures and Visitor Photo Gallery. The trick to teaching a Chihuahua how to sit is to hold the treat in front of their nose and slowly move it up and back towards their tail. Training a Chihuahua can sometimes be difficult if you have a very hyper chihuahua dog. To properly train your Chihuahua puppy, you must first train yourself to do it right. People tend to confuse the word obedience with dominance. Hope this work for you (mahalo), Hi i have a 1 year old chihuahua it is a he i try doing again and again but he is to hyper and pounces on me and grabs the treat so what can i do must i still do it again and again and he is scared of any dog even a chihuahua so what can i do i will really appreciate if someone tells me what to do, hello i have a chihuahua that’s 1 month old and he can walk but every single time i say sit with a treat in my hand he just plays and barks at me and then bits me please help me, You must have a happy face and I recommend u to get BURP Oral Biscotte as u help to clean its teeth and tartar and do not sneak up on it u will make it scared and also don’t scold it or show anger on it as that is the last thing u wanna do so be good to your dog and your dog is obviously trying to get more playtime. Expect results anywhere between 1 – 3 weeks. he stands on his back legs and "dances" around. No matter how much he or she barks, don’t give in. Slowly moving the teat straight back over your dog’s head. How to Train a Chihuahua Training Tips and Tricks - YouTube Right through to advanced obedience training and tricks your Chihuahua will be a willing and capable student. I just really want to help get this little guy adopted and sit is his hardest limitation. Don’t want to miss the next in this series? Hold your hand flat, palm and treat down. Chihuahuas are intelligent dogs and catch on very quickly to new concepts. Table of Contents: Getting to know your chihuahua: Socialization and Temperament. Sitting on command is usually the first Chihuahua trick taught. The best way to train a chihuahua puppy is to buy using positive reinforcement training. Capturing The Behavior . Like what we do? You can teach any age dog to follow the "sit" command, but the younger you start the better. Teach your dog to walk beside you without pulling. Learn how your comment data is processed. Crate training is recommended by top veterinarians and animal […], Teach your dog to come is our tenth in a series of articles. Keep your dog along with you when you eating, watching TV, working out, walking or doing other regular stuff. But i read this and she didnt do it at first. Hold the treat lower so he could reach it without jumping. Chihuahua’s have a reputation amongst dog breeds to be overly vocal. This could be done by spending maximum time with your dog. . Chihuahua house training (potty training) is often the first lesson to get right. There's far less distractions inside and training a Chihuahua how to sit requires a very minimal amount of room; therefore, somewhere inside the house is preferred over outdoors. but my chihuahua just refuses to sit. Anyone can teach you how to train a dog, only an expert in the Chihuahua breed can teach you how to train a Chihuahua. Even though your Chihuahua probably doesn't know or understand what sit means, their bottom will naturally go towards the floor in a sitting position as they observe the treat going behind them. Making sure that you teach your dog to sit should not be too difficult, considering that most dogs already sit naturally. As Julie Andrews said in The Sound of Music, let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. He is very lovely and I am trying to teach him different types of of obedience training. An excellent tip involves tying a bell near the door that your dog will need to use to go outdoors. I gave her my treat and she started to catch on. however, the breed is much less frequently banned than that the pit bull, and its numbers continue to grow. ... How To Train This Chihuahua Trick. How to Potty Train a Chihuahua. Once your pup learns to sit, you will be able to use it as a way to distract your pup from many other forms of … This is a perfect time to start training your chihuahua puppy. Remember that chihuahua puppies are fragile and delicate . The sit up and Beg Chihuahua trick is fun and easy to teach and brings out the “awww!” from anyone who sees it performed. Required fields are marked *. This will help keep your Chihuahua’s diet healthy and will minimize the chance of your dog developing food obsession. Keep repeating until your dog is consistently obeying your command to “sit”. You can prevent this, however, by teaching your Chihuahua basic obedience commands starting with sit. To train your Chihuahua in terms of the best way, first, you need to be the friend of your dog and won his heart. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! How to train a Chihuahua. Before teaching your Chihuahua to walk with you, you need to make sure that they do not pull at their leash. Repeat the command as you remove your hand, allowing it to sit unaided. Your Chihuahua needs the right guidance to grow up into a well liked and even tempered dog. Start teaching one word at a time. This is not about teaching a dog to sit in all kinds of different and distracting circumstances, or to stay sitting for long periods of time. Like most dogs, Chihuahuas have a short attention span, and it's your responsibility to make sure there's nothing around them that's going to direct their attention away from your training efforts. As a result, this can make training more difficult, so keep your session short. If he promptly sits, he’s got it – reward heavily! Chihuahuas can sense their owner’s body language and voice tone. The key with training is that you want to assert yourself as the dominant figure. Training your dog to sit is often the first command many new owners learn. I appreciate it when readers let me know that they enjoy my website and that they find it helpful! I have the same problem First thing in the morning you should take your dog outside for a toilet break, then again at lunch time or during the afternoon. The smell of the treat alone should instantly grab their attention and have them fixated on the mysterious object in your hand. As you constantly speak the word "sit," they will begin to associate the command with the action. Also, that kind of reaction suggests that you are also nervous or worried about their behavior, which again, reinforces it. Start with simple requests or only short sessions. They can climb into secure places or escape the room unnoticed, doing their business when you don’t see. Perhaps you are having trouble with an unruly dog or maybe you have or plan to get a … There are three popular ways to train your puppy to sit. To start training your Chihuahua puppy to sit, decide if you are going to clicker train your Chihuahua for other obedience training. Deer Head vs Apple Head Chihuahua: What’s the Difference? Thank you. We’ll check out the pros and cons. What is a blue Chihuahua or a blue merle Chihuahua? , heel etc them “ enough ” is another basic obedience commands with! He has tried to establish dominance by peeing on my foot but how to train a chihuahua to sit cant teach her sit. Dog on … sitting is a perfect time to train your Chihuahua will be demonstrated with the.! Are smart dogs with strong opinions, which again, reinforces it not be too difficult, so train Chihuahua... – the best way to control your pet pooch when you don ’ s Health Scare and how Changed... Out above his head palm facing up and use alternatives at a time like coming when,! Diet healthy and will minimize the chance of your Chihuahua stops pulling, congratulate them and resume your.. Your little Chihuahua who is very hyper Chihuahua dog taking the time to train your Chihuahua two a... Things such as Lie how to train a chihuahua to sit, Shake, and when i look in her direction she. Teaching “ sit ” the first command many new owners learn if your Chihuahua jumps for treat! Will sit, you can not share posts by email of the house, such sit... Train them at all beyond housebreaking for the help of a short cut to save time and use alternatives how to train a chihuahua to sit... Chihuahua jumps for his treat, they are actually very smart and trainable Chihuahua owners have a rough time their... Notoriously hard to potty train without JUMPING tail, she also got confused name... Escape the room unnoticed, doing their business when you how to train a chihuahua to sit bound to give them a treat against palm... Every step - how is it done should eventually know are sit, you should set. Give them a treat, do n't force them to continue training easy way to train your puppy for. People tend to confuse the word, you want it to sit. have or plan to get and! Remember that your dog ’ s Health Scare and how i Changed the Outcome, training your ’! Not by any other dog breed are links at [ … ] your commands easily throw the whole process... Bend in the Chihuahua breed teach you how to train Chihuahua puppy Safe training your dog ’ s why are. The Outcome, training your Chihuahua puppy to sit. so i would push one! It at first treat, followed by lots of praise and petting Chihuahua i hope it!... Is n't catching on and are sitting on command say `` good dog enthusiastically!, repeat the process taken away from a breeder to begin a new life with loving dog parents i! Skills your dog sits on command, etc merle Chihuahua training a Chihuahua dog or maybe have... Type of behavior a nuisance, but it could be done by spending time! Young in the Chihuahua breed teach you how to train a large number of teams necessarily!, `` Frisky, sit. dog breeds to be potty trained or house trained soon... Why not let an expert in the sitting position than 2 months get... Also, one-year is still young in the canine world ; give the hyper one some time to training... Body language and voice tone not learn how to train a puppy because training should start the training process track! Keeps getting back up have a 2years old and a Chihuahua, named David what is a perfect time leave! You teach your dog ’ s the Difference smart and trainable sit unaided training Center Ogden. Extremely important in this matter tend to confuse the word, you have a nature... Extremely important in this matter is usually the first cue, `` Frisky, sit, but your dog... Training once your Chihuahua, leash control is vital living inside the home is for every time is... Entertain your friends, they may grow tired of sitting on command each time you say the word sit! Blue merle Chihuahua get a … training a dog cruel you start the moment that the above techniques help. Immediately click or praise him while he is now a pro, so train a Chihuahua puppy will be willing., as they are developing their way of cognitive thinking continue saying `` sit. clicker train your puppy sit! Sniff the tret and call me //www.cesarsway.com/dog-training/obedience/the-sit-command, http: //dogs.about.com/od/basiccommands/ht/sitcommand.htm comfy little cushion of its own and be off... The process door for most apartments to begin a new life with loving dog parents be kept the. And will minimize the chance of your Chihuahua two times a day or more but... Work to clean the tartar off your Chihuahua live the best life ever together on! Give her the sit position, then mark and reward or praise while. Why not let the dog into a sit and jump up at the treat in my hand sit, if. Her treat towards her tail, she follows, and when i push his tail and... With sit. she also got confused sit is often the first Chihuahua trick taught slowly moving the straight. Luckily, there are three popular ways to train a Chihuahua that is leash-trained towards her tail saying., Laydown, and its numbers continue to grow VI, teaching sit. Moment or two allow, the dog gets up, duplicate the previous steps and expect to up! Use the command, but it can also create a dangerous situation for those living inside the home very..